Learn how to kill cockroaches and get rid of roaches out of your home permanently, in less than 7 days!

"Kevin's complete step-by-step guide will have you killing roaches naturally without using expensive chemicals that can harm your family, and your pets, and STOP them from coming back"

Don't let roaches invade your home! Don't let them bring their filthy germs in to your food, bed, or cupboards.  

From Kevin Gilmour
Natural-method Cockroach Exterminator
and creator of RoachAssassin.com

Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm going to help YOU kill cockroaches in your home quickly and easily. Not only that, I will show you how to eliminate cockroaches from your home permanently. My Roach Assassin guide is going to show you everything you need to know about destroying cockroaches and keeping them out of your house for good!

I have been involved in Entomology (study of insects) for over 20 years. I worked as a pest exterminator for three years when I was a younger man.

Over the years I've picked up and learnt many easy, safe and affordable ways to destroy roaches, without using harmful and expensive chemicals.

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a professional exterminator when you can use methods that will get better results, for less than $20!

Roach Assassin is going to teach you everything you need to know about destroying cockroaches. With my complete step-by-step guide you will be able to keep roaches out of your home forever!

Let me ask you this question? Why haven't you got rid of cockroaches from your home? Is it because you've been using commercial sprays or baits that don't work, you think it's too hard or too expensive?

What if I told you that you can have cockroaches out of your home quickly and easily, using
ingredients you can purchase from your local supermarket for $20 or less!? It's true! After extensive testing I have made these plans available to everybody worldwide!

I have written my guide in simple, easy-to-read English that will guide you through the process.

Every day people just like you are getting rid of roaches in their home for good. Thousands of successful roach eliminations around the world are proof that this works!


Are cockroaches really that bad? Is it necessary to get rid of them?

According to the National Pest Management Association, there are nearly 33 different kinds of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms, and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens carried by cockroaches. Cockroaches walk through sewage and decaying matter and transmit bacteria into your home.

Apart from the bacteria, most people hate the sight of cockroaches, and people with roaches in their home often report that their visitors squirm and feel uncomfortable.


Sprays & Baits DO NOT work

Most people buy sprays and insecticides like Raid or other chemicals that can potentially poison you, your children, and your pets. Sprays and insecticides only help if you can kill all the roaches in one shot. If you spray with chemicals and a female is exposed to the chemical, her death process triggers off the production of a last egg. Those young when they hatch are most likely to be immune to whatever killed their mother.

Some people buy bait thinking that they come to dine and carry some back to their harborage. You may not have realized that cockroaches don't share food, so baits will only kill a few cockroaches not all of them in your home. Not to mention it has been reported that cockroaches have now learned to avoid commercial bait systems.


Anyone can get rid of roaches from their home, and after following the natural techniques in my guide, I promise:

In less than 7 days you will kill roaches and stop the infestation from coming back

For under $20 you will have results that rivals anything a professional can produce.

You will feel better knowing those ugly, disgusting roaches are out of your home.

Your house will be cleaner and more hygienic than before

You will be completely satisfied


Here's what others are saying:

Take a look below at a few people who have used the Roach Assassin guide to kill the roaches in their own home and keep them away.


"I used a couple of techniques in the guide and lo and behold the very next day I found a roach nearly dead on his back. Could this work that quickly? For the first time I feel like I might win this war! No prisoners!"

Phillip Fry, Texas


"We just had a newly remodeled kitchen and to start seeing so many cockroaches so soon was hard to take. I do have children so I wanted to avoid bombing or other pesticide solutions, so I wanted a natural solution. Within two days of using the information in your guide I am seeing many tiny ones dead, which tells me it is killing the new generation, as well as many mature roaches that could be a year old. All in all a success. Thanks for your help,

Frank Lundy, UK


I have been using sprays to kill roaches in my apartment with limited success, they just kept coming. After using your information I started seeing a sudden increase in seeing dead roaches, large and small laying around on their backs with little legs sticking straight up. It is starting to look like a roach suicide party.

Karen Soisa, Australia


I live in a house that was built in 1951 and it is elevated (not slab). It is very difficult to control or eradicate an infestation under these conditions (sub-tropic climate, old home, elevated). I had a well known company come out for a "Once-a-Year" pest control. They had to come out about 11 times in one year! I even had my home tented--to no avail.

Since using the information in your guide and taking matters into my own hand, I have seen an incredible difference! Now once in a while I see a dead roach--a far better sight than to see them scampering about!

Julie Methaurst, Miami


Bless you a thousand times over for letting me know of a GOOD method to combat the recent roach invasion in my bachelor apartment. I saw three baby roaches in a short period about 3 days ago but since then I haven't seen one roach.

Tom Walsh, Canada


How much are you set to save?

Professional exterminators can cost hundreds of dollars, or thousands, if they come back for repeat treatments.

Sprays, baits and traps can cost $100, $200 or more a year and they only work for a day or two, then new roaches come back

I am handing you the information you need to get much more effective results but for a tiny fraction of the price.

Not only will you be making massive savings, you'll also be protecting your family from the disease and filth cockroaches bring, and no harmful chemicals are needed, so it's perfectly safe.


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You won't find a better price anywhere else for such a complete and quality manual with over 10 pages of no-nonsense straight-to-the-point instructions easy enough for even a novice to follow.


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That's a value of over $70 in free books! You can instantly download these books along with the Roach Assassin guide onto your computer, as soon as you place your order.


100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident of the techniques in my guide, that I offer all customers a money back guarantee. If after purchasing the Roach Assassin guide, and applying the techniques you do not kill roaches in your home and keep the roaches away, simply contact me and ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase and I will promptly issue you 100% of your money back.


Kevin Gilmour
Roach Assassin

P.S. Just think! In a matter of minutes you will be on your way to eliminating roaches from your home forever! Close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine having a nice clean home and not worrying about those dirty roaches scurrying on your kitchen floor, inside your cupboards, nibbling at your food, hiding in dark places spreading bacteria throughout your home.

It's all possible when you make a small investment in the Roach Assassin guide.


I had a roach problem and first thing I did was spray. Well it was just a quick fix, they came back after a few days. Then I read your guide and I'm here to tell you this stuff works. After about 10 days the roaches started going belly up literally. I haven't seen a roach now in well over a month. I will definitely recommend it to my friends if they ever have cockroach problems"

Laila Ruize


Do yourself, family and your home a favor and get rid of roaches forever, today!
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